Best Casinos for Roulette Online

We have done a really good analysis of the very best casinos where you can play both live and standard roulette. All the casinos we look at are fully licensed, and what we want with this review is to let you know how you can make the most of your playing time. There are many casinos nowadays that choose to have different versions of roulette , so it can quickly become difficult to find out exactly which casino and which game suits you as a roulette fanatic. Roulette is a game where you bet on an outcome, to see if you hit your result after the dealer spins the wheel.

It is a ball that spins in the opposite direction of the wheel, so you do not quite know where you will land. However, it was a little different than the roulette wheel we love nowadays, but the game has been unchanged since 1796, which is very impressive. The rules are incredibly simple. You have a wheel with pockets for each of the numbers displayed. You can bet on these numbers, on single numbers or even numbers / odd numbers, or many other number combinations. There is also color coding, so it is possible to bet on black or red, as these are displayed on every other number around the wheel.

The only exception is 0, which is displayed as green. This one also has some special odds if you were to bet and land on it. The numbers shown are 0 to 36, and american roulette has an extra 00 which is also green in addition to the usual green 0. All you have to do is bet on an outcome before you are told by the croupier that bets are closed. Then it’s up to lady luck whether you get a real win or not. When you play online, you can enjoy casino games without having to limit yourself. However, there are some different betting rules you need to check before you start playing.

If you are a so called high roller, then there are definitely opportunities to be able to play with a very high bet limit. The same also applies if you are a beginner, and want to play with a slightly lower betting rate. Many different software companies that have different types of betting options on their games, which makes it really much better to play roulette online as opposed to at a land based casino . And best of all you can play straight from the easy chair at home. If rtp% has any meaning for you, then there is an even better rtp percentage on online roulette than there is on land based casinos.

Mobile optimized casino games are becoming more and more popular among both casinos, providers and players. Of course, you will be able to make flexible bets that suit your game, provided you choose the right table for you. You can set a maximum limit for games, and you can also play at a table without a limit. The tables without a limit allow both minimal and gigantic bets, which makes it extra fun to play. You will also have the opportunity to speak directly to the players and the croupier around the table, which adds a social aspect to the whole thing. Playtech is one of the very best software creators when it comes to roulette. Therefore, you will soon see that many casinos offer both standard roulette and live roulette from playtech, something we will go into a little later.

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