How Is a Blackjack Game Played?

  • Anyone who plays online blackjack knows that there must be a dealer, that is, a person who gives and receives the cards.
  • The reason why the dealer, in this game of chance, also receives the tiles is soon explained. Everyone must accumulate a maximum of 21 points, the aim is not to go beyond this limit and set aside a higher score than the bank.
  • Therefore, a game of Blackjack takes place by receiving cards from the dealer (one or two initially) and asking, from time to time, for one more.
  • When you think you have reached the result beyond which you do not want to go in order to avoid exceeding the limit of 21 points, the player stops asking for cards.
  • The points that accumulate depend on the single card because each of them has a well-defined score. Each player has the possibility to choose to stop even at a score below 21: the maximum limit is not a goal to be achieved at all costs.
  • Undoubtedly, having 21 points puts the player in an advantageous position compared to the dealer who must necessarily accumulate the same score to win.

Card value and basic blackjack strategy

  • The cards with which Blackjack is played are 104 in all and it is dealt by combining two decks.
  • Playing Blackjack means getting 21 points with the first two cards dealt by the dealer. This situation occurs if an ace (worth 11 points) is rolled accompanied by a ten or a face.
  • Therefore, the value of each tile in this game is the same as indicated on the cards, for those ranging from 2 to 10. For example: 2 is worth 2, 3 is worth 3, 4 is worth 4 and so on.

The only tiles that have a value other than that indicated are:

  • Ace, which is worth 11;
  • Special rules of free online blackjack
  • In addition to those seen so far, there are other special rules that serve to protect users sitting at the table or to increase the odds of winning.
  • We are talking about rules such as Split, Double, and Surrender.
  • Warning: not all versions of Blackjack on the internet have these chances. It is good to check for these options and then stake the money.


  • Split Online Blackjack means turning one hand into two, thus increasing your chances of winning. The player using the split strategy splits a hand and places another bet, which can have the same function as the first bet.
  • You can take advantage of the Split advantage if:
  • The player is dealt two identical cards, in this case, if you choose to split it is possible to separate them and make two different bets. The points accumulated during one game do not determine the success or failure of the other.
  • Those who play have the option of splitting two identical tiles more than once, this option is only available with some variations of Blackjack.


  • By choosing the “Double” option, the player can double the first bet.
  • This opportunity is granted only in two very specific situations:
  • After the distribution of two cards to the player, there is the opportunity to receive an extra card with the aim of increasing the chances of winning;
  • Based on the online Blackjack variant you are playing.
  • There are versions of the game that allow players to double even after performing a Split.


  • Those who choose the “Return” option decide to withdraw and recover 50% of the bet amount. This chance is useful when you have the feeling of not being able to beat the score accumulated by the dealer.
  • Also, in this case, it is necessary to verify that the version of Blackjack you are playing has the “Surrender” option.


If on the first spin the dealer receives an Ace, the players seated at the table can choose the “Insurance” option by betting half the amount wagered.

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