Cashback Bonuses 2022

When you mention cashback bonus, it is often associated with poker. Now more and more offers have started to come out where you get some of the money back that applies throughout the casino. We players who are in the Nordics usually prefer a cashback bonus over the more traditional deposit bonus with wagering requirements and more conditions. For players who do not like these requirements, a cashback bonus is an excellent option. Before you choose to test this kind of bonus, there are a few things you should know about, so stay tuned when we take you through all the ins and outs of a cashback bonus so you know if this kind of bonus is right for you at

Cashback prohibited on gaming companies with a license

Since 2019-01-01, it is forbidden for online casinos with a license to offer benefits, loyalty and cashback. So unfortunately we do not have casinos to show on this site anymore. Casinos without a license may still offer cashback , see all casinos without a license here. Please note that gambling at casinos without a license can result in tax on winnings and in some cases a slightly more complicated process when withdrawing and registering than the average of our gaming companies with a gaming license.

Exactly what is a Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus works relatively simply. As the name suggests, it is a kind of bonus that gives you part or all of your deposit back in cash. The terms of these usually vary, sometimes you have to lose without doubling your deposit as is the case at Casino, but there you also get back your entire deposit. This leads to a kind of risk-free bonus where you either manage to double your money or simply get your deposit back which you can immediately withdraw to your account again.

However, cashback bonuses do not have to return your entire deposit. Sometimes it is between 10-25% that you get back from money you lose. To get the most out of your money, you should always choose the casino with the largest cashback.

A cashback bonus has previously stuck to the poker section of a casino but has now started to be implemented more and more for all sections of the casino. In fact, the vast majority of players in the Nordics prefer a Cashback bonus over the more traditional deposit bonus. This of course leads to more casinos in the Nordic countries leaving the traditional welcome package and instead turning to cashback bonuses, the more preferred type.

If you are one of the many players who know that you like playing with cashback bonuses, you should keep an eye on our site where we update daily all the new cashback bonuses that are released, especially now that it is so relevant!

Having cashback as a loyalty program has become commonplace over the years. There are now many casinos that offer you who are loyal to your casino a cashback program where you get back a share of the money you lose.

For VIP players within the casino, there are very generous conditions. How much money you get back usually depends on how much the player has deposited, no matter how much is lost. It is not always that you have to lose money to get back money that you turn over within the casino. This is called top-up but is almost always limited to VIP players.

As a result of the new rules of the game, it is very unclear what will happen to the loyalty programs and cashback offers. Since casinos are only allowed to award a bonus to each player, some casinos have chosen to withdraw these offers and benefits. So far, this rule is considered a question of interpretation and there are many casinos that still offer regular cashback offers to their players.

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