Choose the Correct Deposit Method

There was a time when you could almost only use casino payments when transferring money online. Many people feel great insecurity about paying by casino game, and giving out sensitive information, such as card or account numbers. Today, this payment method is also secure, as the vast majority of sites use encrypted and very secure payment sites. However, a number of alternatives to the usual casino payments have also emerged, and you often have great choices when depositing money into, or withdrawing from, your gaming account.

With the right payment method, you can also get an extra bonus every time you deposit money, as many online casinos offer deposit bonuses for payment with certain, selected payment methods. The most common payment method, which is offered at all online casinos, is still card payment, with for example visa, mastercard and maestro. The same security technology is often used as the regular banks, and it is therefore safe to pay by card today. A prepaid card works in much the same way as a refill card for a mobile phone.

You refill the casino with money, and can then use it to pay with. Paysafe is perhaps the best known of these cards, but you can also use a visa or mastercard as a prepaid card. Using a prepaid card is a good way to make sure you do not exceed the limit you set for your play, as the amount on the card is limited. You can also deposit money into your casino gaming account with a regular bank transfer. There is also a fairly new payment service called trustly, which is basically a bank transfer. The biggest difference when you use trustly is that you are not moved to another page during the payment, but always stay at the casino, online store or where you have to make a payment.

The most common e-wallets are neteller and skrill. They work much like a regular wallet, namely as an intermediary for the money, between the bank and the payment. You simply transfer the money to your e-wallet, and then make the payment from it. The advantage is that you never have to give away sensitive information, such as account or card number. The e-wallet is one of the payment methods that can often provide an extra deposit bonus at an online casino. At many jackpot slots, you have the chance to win several million kronor in just a few spins, which means that many have opened their eyes to these slot machines.

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