Choosing Online Casino

The first thing you should be clear about is that to operate in our country the casino needs a gaming license. If not, you will be putting your money at risk since you do not have any type of guarantee. Having a license to operate is the best indication of safe gambling, since legislation will protect you against fraud, scams or any act of bad faith on the part of the casino. Only in a licensed casino will you play under the same conditions as the rest of the players and the neutrality of the game is assured. With this first criterion we can rule out dubious online casinos that should not operate but we still have dozens of casinos to choose from.

Another filter is the catalog of games that it offers us. If you prefer roulette or blackjack you should opt for a casino that offers us the different versions of these games if you like to try different casino games it might be better to sacrifice versions of some in search of a wider variety. It depends on the tastes of each one. When choosing a casino, you also have to pay attention to the payment methods it offers and customer service. The more options we have to deposit funds and to withdraw them, the better. Regarding customer service, the ideal is that it is available 24 hours a day and is fast, through different channels and free. If the casino does not have 24 hour service, make sure that it offers it in the hours that you usually play, when you may suffer an incident.

Finally, we will look at the bonuses offered by online casinos from welcome bonuses to loyalty bonuses, daily or weekly promotions, tournaments, recovery for losses, etc. Sometimes we get carried away by a great welcome bonus when due to our style of play it would have been better to choose a lower bonus that is offset by loyalty bonuses, vip club, etc. One of the issues that most concerns players is security. We have already seen that for an online casino to be totally safe it is essential that it has a license to operate and that it offers the games authorized in that license. It is a license granted by the directorate general for the regulation of gambling of the ministry of finance, an independent entity without any type of business relationship with casinos.

In addition, many online casinos are part of arbitration entities that offer an inter mediation service between clients and companies. One of the requirements to access a gambling license is that the casino uses the random number generator , a system for generating random numbers that guarantees the fairness of the game. It is a system audited by specialized companies independent of the casino. Fortunately, we have the same guarantees when playing in a physical casino as in an online one. Something that any player should know before opting for an online casino or for a face to face one is that the percentage of payments is higher in online casinos than in physical ones. It is one of the necessary conditions to obtain the license, hence we do not find any exceptions. In the online game the limit of play at each table is also higher, and you can play in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the game, something unthinkable in a real casino. Beyond the possibility of trying the games, the online casino is much more comfortable than the traditional ones, where going to etiquette is almost essential. You can play from the comfort of your home, and we can do it through all kinds of devices tablet, computer, smartphone. All this without forgetting that they usually offer a greater number of games . It is true that we will not live the atmosphere of a casino, nor will we enjoy the same way with our friends, but from an economic point of view the online casino is imposed on the virtual one.

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