Classic Slot Machines Game

The pay-lines don’t just have to consist of straight lines. It can be zigzag shapes, a bit of everything possible. However, a pay-line never reverses. That is, it cannot go from wheel one to wheel two, and then back to wheel one again. Some games, such as the arch-classic starburst, have pay-lines that run from right to left too!

You can also win on different symbols at the same time, depending on the layout of the game. For example, you might spin sevens and cherries on different pay-lines – in which case you win with both symbols. This is the basis of all slots games , but then there are additional factors such as wilds, scatters (usually activate bonus games) and jackpots.

Megaways is a type of online slots that you may have heard of. It was the casino game developer big time gaming who developed the concept (you usually see their name in megaways games, regardless of which game developer is behind it). The main thing that distinguishes megaways from regular online slots is the number of paylines.

In a regular slot you might have 25 paylines, but in a megaways game you could have hundreds of thousands! This is made possible by the fact that you always win as soon as you get at least three symbols on reels one, two and three – it does not matter which rows the symbols end up on.

Megaways games often have a variable number of paylines, which is because the game plan can reshape itself. It may initially consist of three lines, but under certain conditions these three lines can be expanded to five or eight (just as two examples). The bigger the game board, the more paylines in a megaways game.

Many slots games are very similar to each other, and some are even pure copies but with a different appearance and different music. Unlike, for example, video games, it is not possible to vary slots games to the same extent, because luck must be the deciding factor.

For this reason, both theme and graphics are important when playing slots online . The graphics are of course a matter of taste, but in general you can say that the bigger the game developer is, the more resources it can put into the graphics – which results in a nicer game. Notice animations, for example if the symbols on the game board are animated. Even backgrounds usually separate poor online slots from rich.

To suit all players, there are an incredible number of themes in casino games . Some of the most common themes are jewels, treasure hunting, pirates and dwarfs. These themes thus have no impact on the actual game mechanics or payout, but are only cosmetic fluff. But even cosmetic fluff can affect our emotions, and therefore it matters what you choose.

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