End of the Casino Game

Real cards are used at live casino – so how does the game play smoothly and the software works on a regular table? Well, the cards used in live casino have a barcode and there is a barcode reader next to the shoe with decks. When the dealer ejects the card, the computer already knows what came out of the shoe. In order for the player to be 100% sure which card he actually got, they all have very large indexes – on the screen we can see exactly whether we have 21 or, unfortunately, already 23 points.

How is it with roulette here, too, a real table with betting fields painted on the dresses is used for the game. The roulette wheel spins when set in motion by the croupier’s hand, while the position of the ball is monitored by special sensors placed in it. Here, too, we have everything in front of our eyes and we can play calmly without suspecting an unfair advantage of the casino. And just as it is in a real casino, we can chat not only with the dealer – who will respond to our messages in the chat in english looking into our eyes – but also with other players at our table.

When we play blackjack in a regular online casino, we get cards, the graphical representation of which we see and place bets using the appropriate buttons. The computer calculates everything and indicates the winner. The dealer has a camera above her and a screen where she can see what we wrote in the chat and all the bets we have placed. The contact between her and the player can be compared to a skype conversation. At live casino, just like in any other casino – whether it is stationary or online – our game can be ended at any time.

We can leave the table when we have won enough or we have run out of time to visit the casino. It is also possible that we run out of funds – but then we can make a deposit with one button and continue playing. If we want to cash our winnings, we also order the withdrawal with one button and we are happy with our extra cash. Let’s not forget to say goodbye to the dealer before leaving the table – it is possible that we will still play with her and if she remembers us well, she will welcome us next time as a good friend. And it will be nice, and that’s what it’s all about.

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