Exploring choice in Slot Games

As the competition in the gambling market grows, slot developers are find more and more ways to compete for slot players, and guess who this is benefiting.  Us.  Really, it is. Developers and casinos have to come up with slot options that draw in the player rather than just rely on slot machines to sit there and accumulate money for the casino.  Of course we’ve been seeing these methods develop for some time. Slot machines have, for the most part, been developing better graphics and going with themes that draw in players. They offer great bonus games or fantastic progressive jackpots. Even slots without a big progressive jackpot may offer a smaller local jackpot. But what developers are looking at now is offering players actual choice on how to play individual slot machines at http://casino-sverige.com/.

ITG (Incredible Technologies Games) is exploring this is a couple of ways. One new game that you’ll see in casinos is “The Twilight Zone” which allows players to choose high, low or medium volatility, basically if the machine plays loose or tight. Okay, knowing that the players might not grasp the phrase “choose your volatility” the game actually labels the choices “win big” “win steady and “win often.”  Pick “win often” and you’ll see smaller wins. Pick “win big” and the wins will be further apart but pay out more.

The slot game “Goldify” takes a different twist on this. There isn’t a choice to change the frequency of the wins but players can change the value of the wins.  Basically, players can choose one symbol and increase that value times five. Choose a lower value symbol and you’ll boost those more frequent wins by a bit. Choose a high paying symbol and you can win even bigger.

I suspect we’ll be seeing more choice coming to slot games under development because once one slot developer raises the bar; the others have to jump in to keep up.

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