Five Reel Slots, Taking a Chance with Five Reel Slots

Five reel slots have gotten a bad name over the years but finally they are starting to become just about as popular as the three reel, or classic slots.  Three reel slots were the first that were introduced in casinos , so when the five reel slots were first introduced in the 1970’s many did not like the idea of the change.  Why change something that wasn’t broke to begin with?  A lot of the reason that people didn’t like the five reel design is that the odds were not in favor of the player, they were in favor of the casino because there were simply too many combinations.  The lack of response had most casino owners taking the five reel variations out of the casino in very little time and replacing them with the three reel designs.

Today the five reel slot machine is back and better than ever before.  Actually, many old school players are still a bit hesitant of them but there is no need.  Unlike the old machines the newer machines are all controlled by computer chips.  Because the three reel, five reel, and seven reel machines are all controlled by a computer chip theoretically they will all pay out the same.  For instance if they all pay out at 98% than you would have the same chance of winning with all three machines despite the extra reels and extra symbols because the machines are controlled by a computer chip.

The five reel slots are taking off like never before, especially online.  Video poker and five reel slots go very well hand in hand because there are often many great payout lines that make hesitant players feel better about their odds. There are new variations of five reel slots popping up every day online for players to take advantage of.  The number of diverse options available online will keep five reel players occupied and give them something to look forward to every day.  Of course, players that are new to the game will find all of the varieties a lot of fun, as five reel slots are simply something that you cannot get tired of playing!

Many are drawn away from three reel slots and toward five reel slots because they like the idea of 21 payout lines with the five reels instead of just 5 payout likes with the three reel variations.  There are more payout lines, but also more reels and more symbols to deal with.  The idea of 21 payout lines is appealing and it is something that draws some from three to five reels permanently, and others find that the five reels are overwhelming.  If you have not yet had the opportunity to try the five reels it is something that you should seriously consider as it is a lot of fun, and if luck is on your side you have the potential to earn some money!

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