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Here at free roulette site we have more than just our free roulette game, we also know a lot about roulette systems. In online casinos  Roulette systems certainly aren’t a new thing, they’ve been around for years and people try several different variations of them. Here are all the different systems that you can use. One final point before we go into these systems, as you probably know there are a lot of systems out there that you need to pay for. This is just a generalization, but most of them are simply regurgitation of the information you can read here for free below.

Martingale System – The grand daddy of roulette systems, there’s even pages about it. All you do with this one is bet on something and then increase your bets after a loss. It is normally applied just too red or black betting but it can be used on other parts of the table if you have a desire.

D’Alembert System – This is a system that is safer to use than the Martingale but at the same occasion the profit potential is less. There are several different versions of the D’Alembert that you can use which are all explained.

Labouchere System – This is an interesting sequence of numbers that does take a bit of concentration to get right but there is some logic to the sequence of numbers that you use.

Fibonacci – This wasn’t originally intended for roulette but someone decided it would be worth a try and now there are many people trying to win with it. The Fibonacci is simply a sequence of numbers that you use and it’s pretty easy to learn.

Each of the above pages is fairly detailed and each of them explains the different versions in detail. For example the Martingale has different versions and can be applied to different parts of the table such as on the dozens.

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