Free Spins

Slots are really very popular at online casinos. There are several reasons for this. Initially, such casino games are of course very simple and can be played by anyone. Moreover, it is also the case that very significant amounts can be won in one fell swoop due to the presence of progressive jackpots. However, not everyone is ready to start playing slots with their own money. However you turn it or turn it, there is always a certain risk associated with it. However, that risk disappears completely the moment you receive free spins with which you can bet.

Free spins offer you as a player at an online casino, as the name suggests, the opportunity to bet for free on a certain slot machine during one or more rounds. The moment you have managed to achieve a certain profit during the wagering of these free spins, it is paid out to the player’s account. You should keep in mind that this is not money that can be paid out immediately. The profit you make with free spins is therefore added to your account as bonus money. Only after the wagering requirements have been met can it finally be transferred to your bank account.

Free spins can be awarded in many different ways to players who are active at an online casino. However, it must be said that in the majority of cases it is part of the so called welcome bonus. In this case, the free spins can be added to your account in one go, but this can also be spread over a longer period. For example, it is not uncommon that as a new player you are entitled to a total of 50 free spins, for example, but they are awarded in installments of 10 spread over 5 days. Please note, in the majority of cases the free spins must be wagered within 24 hours. Isn’t this happening? Then there is a chance that you will just see a not inconsiderable part of your welcome bonus go up in smoke.

It is of course absolutely not the case that free spins are exclusively reserved for new players at an online casino. For example, did you know that they are also awarded to loyal players on a frequent basis? Free spins are therefore not infrequently part of the so called loyalty bonus that can be received by players if they have been active at a certain online casino for some time. Please note, also in this case additional conditions may apply. In practice, this means that the free spins are sometimes mandatory to be wagered within a certain period and, moreover, they can only be used on certain specific slots. New slots are introduced to the market on a regular basis by the largest and best known casino game developers. These slot machines always have a certain, specific theme and must of course still be able to collect the necessary popularity at the start. To ensure that as many existing players as possible get acquainted with the new slot machine at an online casino, it is usually chosen to accompany the launch of an interesting promotion with free spins. This not only ensures that you can try out the new slot machine in question without risk, but you can also possibly immediately win a very nice profit. This way you can count on an interesting financial advantage not once, but twice.

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