Game of Roulette

The idea that the numbers that come out in the game of roulette are distributed evenly, whether with physical roulette at a land based casino or in the game of online roulette, is wishful thinking at best in other words, if you watch american roulette, the fact that the numbers each have a one in 38 chance of being selected, does not necessarily mean that each of those numbers will come out on the reel. Every 38 rotations. It would then be a totally ordered phenomenon which is more than a random phenomenon. And when you are working with a random number generator in the game in line, you are observing an out of order process.

It is certainly true that, after millions and millions of tries, the output of the numbers on roulette will eventually tend towards a level playing field for everyone. But in the game of online roulette you are not going to play millions upon millions of spins you play for a short term return. The pivot system for playing roulette online takes these truths into account, and seeks to develop a method by which to exploit them. Over 36 spins, an average of 24 different numbers will go come out, so they’re going to be repeated within a relatively short period of time. Roulette is a game that easily lends itself to the pivot system because you can save the numbers that come up.

If you were in a physical casino, you would do this with a pencil and a notepad, and generally the casino will be happy to give them to you. When you play roulette online, most games will provide you with some kind of electronic board that shows you which numbers have been played. Selected so you don’t need to write anything. What you will need to do is take note of any number that appears twice, and the first to repeat will be your pivot number. Of course, when you think about it, you could probably play the pivot system a lot easier in a land based casino than in online casinos, because of the way the promoters of the system laid it out, they advise that you watch and record the numbers as they come out, then place your first bet on the first number that repeats.

In the land based casino you have the leisure to hang around and watch, even if you are not playing. While with the game of online roulette, you usually have to be in the game to see the results. One way to deal with this perhaps the problem is playing the bets where the payout rate is 1 to 1, and at the same time minimizing your losses, and then waiting for the pivot number to come out before placing any bigger bets. When that pivot number is established, you place the same bet on that number for a period of 36 spins, and you continue to do this until you win, or you lose all 36 spins. That appears to be a very simple roulette system to follow. The idea is that if the pivot number comes out at some point during the 36 spin sequence, you are guaranteed either a profit, or at least a break. Even, you neither win nor lose, based on the 35/1 odds the casino pays on any single winning number. Since your betting expenses increase with each spin of the cylinder, you will enjoy greater profit if the pivot number appears sooner than later. And then the moment you win or lose all 36 spins, the next step is easy you just have to choose a new pivot number, following the same procedure, and start applying the same. Strategy again. Good luck to you!

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