How Bonus Work and When to Use Them

Welcome bonuses offer or double deposits, or give free spins on slots, etc. However, they are not usually available for use in all games. You should read the terms and conditions first to know what are casino games available to use them.

Note that welcome bonuses can only be used once unlike other no deposit bonuses. So a casino account can only opt for them once. EYE! Players who decide to open multiple accounts at the same casino to use the welcome bonus run the risk of being banned and having their bonus funds withdrawn.

In general, the bonus money is not withdrawable, in some cases it is not creditable either. Therefore, when winning a bet with them, only the prize will be credited to the account, excluding the amount wagered.

Why do casinos give free bonuses?

They are one of the best ways that casinos can interact with their users and attract new players. For this reason, welcome bonuses are benefits that are awarded among various promotions that casinos usually offer throughout the year.

In general, from Casino Experts, we always recommend players to keep an eye on the promotions section of their casinos, since the promotions tend to change periodically. In this way, you can get excellent promotions during the year.

Can welcome bonuses be combined with other casino bonuses?

This can vary greatly depending on the casino and the type of bonus you want to combine. Generally, the use of the welcome bonus excludes the activation of another bonus. It is even possible that the casino decides to cancel a welcome bonus if the player tries to activate other bonuses.

To know the possible exclusions of the welcome bonuses, you only need to read its terms and conditions. In some cases, they can be combined with some bonuses belonging to other sections of the site such as sports betting.

How We Evaluate the Best Welcome Bonuses

When reading the terms and conditions of a welcome bonus, it is common to find many variables that can differentiate one bonus from another. Therefore, we want to clarify what are the most important criteria to consider for welcome bonuses:           

Bonus amount: this covers only the maximum or minimum amount that can be achieved with a bonus. Depending on our budget to play, we must consider one that suits it and offers us the best benefits.

Rollover – This is perhaps the most important as it is the number of times a bonus must be wagered before cashing out your winnings. We can find some casinos that demand a rollover of x30 with a low amount, while others may offer us a huge bonus but a rollover of x70, or more.

Duration time: generally, the welcome bonuses remain valid between 7 and 30 days after their activation. It is important to check the lifetime of a bonus before determining whether or not it is suitable for the player.

Deposit Amount – This can be advantageous to some and disadvantageous to others, basically, it comes down to the number of deposits a bonus supports. That is, if a bonus offers a certain amount of pesos, it can be divided into a single deposit, two or up to four separate deposits.

Bonus Percentage: While it is common to get bonuses that offer 100% of deposits, some may only offer 50%-30%-25% of deposits. These are usually the ones that are split into 4-5 deposits and have a very high welcome bonus amount.

Note: It is important for players to check if bonuses are available on their favorite payment methods

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