How Online Slots work

At Online Slots Tourneys we have made participating in Slot Tournaments very easy. We have united with some of the internet most reputable and trusted online Casinos  to bring you our very own Private Slots Tournaments for cash prizes to you. It is most important to sign up the sponsoring online casinos via links and banners on this site to ensure you show on our Leader Boards. If you already have real accounts at the Casinos holding the Slot Tournaments on this site then you will not be able to participate in the Tourneys and appear on the Live Leader boards. If there are one or more casinos in their group of brands you have not signed up to then you can try that angle and sign up there using our links and be able to participate.

If you have not yet opened an account at one or more of the Online Casinos sponsoring Tourneys then it is IMPORTANT that you use links and banners on this site or else you will not appear on the Leader boards. And lastly, if you already have an account at one of the Casinos, meaning you cannot appear on the Board if you play there, some groups own several Casinos, so see if you have not signed up to one of the others and then just play at that casino to appear on our Boards.

Simply choose a Current Tournament, ensure you have signed up and opened a Real Cash Account (via our links and Banners) at the Online Casino who is sponsoring the tournament and start playing the eligible slots during the Tournament period. After an “Information update’ has run at the Casino you are playing at, the wagering information is refreshed and your First name, Last Initial and Country will then appear on the Leader Board.

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