How to Become a Poker Dealer

A poker dealer is an employee of a gambling establishment who deals cards and monitors the progress of the game. Dealers come in two flavors depending on where the tournaments take place. If these are home tournaments, before the dealer has a rolling status, that is, the players take turns taking over his function if this is a casino game, then the dealer is fixed. The main function that is assigned to the dealer is to ensure the game play and monitor compliance with the rules of the game tips how to become a good poker dealer.

So, if you decide to master the profession of a dealer, you need to learn the following things for example, if you play texas hold ’em. Be good at shuffling cards. In a casino, a new deck of cards is always taken for a new deal. The dealer’s task is to shuffle the decks as carefully as possible before dealing without showing the bottom card. In the process of the game itself, a shuffle machine is used for shuffling. Deal of cards it is necessary to deal cards to poker players, starting from the player to the left.

If the casino does not have an established distribution style, then the dealer has the right to determine it for himself. Bank management the casino dealer must keep track of the order of trades and the size of the bet. Cut and turn after the betting, the dealer removes the card from the top of the deck and puts it in the fold. And only after that distribution begins. Winning when the cards are revealed, it is the dealer who determines the winner. And he also moves all the won chips to him. If there is a draw at the table, then all the chips are divided exactly in half.

If you know how to do all of the above, then you can try your luck to become a dealer. The easiest way is to play home games; this requires no special training or a certificate. However, if you want to work in a casino, you also need to have the following traits. But if their number is odd, then the extra chip is given to the player to the left of the dealer. Be sociable the dealer is the face of the club, so he must evoke pleasant emotions in the players. You can only observe, control and nothing more.

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