How to do Slot selection

In the beginning there was the 3 reel 1 line 1¢ slot machine. The instructions were quite simple. Put your money in, pull the handle and watch the reels spin. Today’s multi feature video slots have changed that radically. The instruction manual, if there was one, for some of the newest video slots would read like War and Peace. But I do have good news! Most online casino slots have a payout schedule and a help section where you can learn about the slots special features. When you are planning to play a new 5 reel 20 line video slot with multiple coin sizes and a multi-level bonus feature I suggest you read everything included in help section. This will tell you what you need to do to qualify for the special features and what to do when you hit one.

Multi-line Multi-coin Slots

Online multi-line slot machines are played more often than land based slots because online slots are more readily available to slot players around the world. A slot player can play their favorite multi-line video slot almost anytime just by signing in on a computer. Many multi-line slots can be played while on break at work with no download flash casinos. Or slots can be played in auto mode from your home computer while you are at work.

Bet Max Button

Hey! Where did my money go? I was playing a new slot and didn’t take my own advice; I didn’t check the coin size. Plus I hit the bet max button. Playing $25 bucks a spin will eat up $50 really fast.

Scatters, wilds and multipliers Scatter symbols are the non conformists of the slot symbol family. These special symbols need not follow any of the rules set for other symbols in order to pay out a prize. As their name implies they can be scattered anywhere on the reels and on most slots scatters don’t need to be on an active pay line to pay. Wild symbols are just that. They can take the place of other symbols to complete a win. On some slots the wild symbol is only wild with certain symbols, again a good example of why to read the info page. Multiplier symbols are similar to wilds in that they complete a winning combination. But they also multiply the win by a set amount, usually 2X or 4X the normal pay off. Some multipliers pay much higher amounts but that is rare with online slots.

Second Screen Bonus

Here is where today’s slots really shine. This single feature took the humble slot machine to its present day standing as the most played casino game in the world. There are any numbers of special features offered in every theme you can imagine. Some are interactive meaning the player can influence the outcome of the game by making selections. Some are multi-level meaning you can progress through stages for high prize values.

Free Spin Bonus Features

Free spin bonus round can be simply a set number of free spins that automatically start when won to a multi-screen bonus round feature where you select objects to determine how many free spins you win and what factor the wins are multiplied by. This is a very good example of “why to read the instruction”. Most free spin bonus games will award more free spins if you hit the triggering combination during the feature.

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