How to Play Keno Online

Playing keno at an online casino is easy as it takes, since basically the same rules apply like in a regular land based casino. The game is mainly based on luck, but there are some things you might want to remember if you are looking forward to win. This guide will explain how to play keno online and give you some nice tips for you to use.

Play Keno Online

Like in any regular casino an online keno ticket has 80 numbers marked on it and your task is to select the numbers with which you intend to play. The amount of numbers you are allowed to choose depends from casino to casino, but the most common offer is between 4 and 10. Some casinos may let you play even with only a single number. After selecting your numbers, you just need to press “play” and the results are automatically calculated. Online casinos use very good random number generators, so the numbers chosen will be determined entirely by chance. As you see, playing keno in an online casino can be a significant advantage because you don’t need to wait for all other players to select the numbers or for the next round to begin. You decide when the game should start.

While the game is based on pure chance, there are still some tips which will dramatically increase your winning odds. You’ll get paid considering the amount of numbers you chose and the amount of correct numbers you’ve guessed. The casino always generates 20 winning picks, So, if you let’s say chose 10 numbers obviously your odds to guess all right will be considerably smaller.

Tip: The best strategy is to choose between 4 and 8 numbers. It has been determined these are the safest and give the greatest chances for you to win. You may not win any large jackpot with them, but with a bit of luck, you might still earn a considerable amount of money. Of course, you can also try to hit the fat jackpot. But for this you need to guess all 20 numbers right. While this isn’t impossible, it’s extremely unlikely. You should just keep playing with 4 to 8 numbers and your odds eventually to win a prize will be in your favor.

As you see, playing the game online is extremely easy and comes with a lot of advantages. But the biggest advantage is by far the price, since the majority of online keno casinos offer keno games even at the price of 20 cents. Usual games may go up to 1$ or more, but they are by far much cheaper than any other online casino games. On the other hand, substantial winnings are not uncommon.

Remember: With a bit of luck you may even hit big with only 4 to 8 numbers and win money up to several thousand of dollars.

Where to Play Online Keno

Another noteworthy aspect is the place where you want to play. Always make sure the online casino of your choice has the best online keno bonuses available. The main idea behind playing keno is to have fun, so be sure the games have crisp graphics and the gameplay is entertaining.

Advice: The online keno casino of your choice should have the highest payout percentages on the market. This is extremely significant because it denotes the amount of money casinos are willing to pay out in winnings. The higher this percentage is, the higher your winning chances are. The casinos we offer have all been reviewed and determined to offer the greatest online keno promotions. They all provide breathtaking games and great payouts. Check them out and enjoy this beautiful game right now. And don’t forget, if you are persistent and if you manage your money well, eventually you are certainly going to win!

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