Looking for Slot Freerolls with lots of Winning Spots

I’m refining my freeroll slot tournament strategy. I’ll probably keep refining it as I go because the good thing about playing free roll slot tournaments is that I won’t run out of money. Now if you’re familiar with playing slot tournaments or just plain slots , you might not be familiar with the idea of the freeroll slot tournament or even what playing slots at an online casino is like. Here’s the good news — a freeroll slot tournament is a tournament that you can enter and play without risking your own money. Usually the casino awards bonus money to let you play more games at the casino as a prize. And you can potentially turn that bonus money into real winnings. I currently have money at three online casinos from playing freeroll slot games.

Now, having won some money, I’ve taken note of how I’m winning. There are two ways to win at an online slot game (freeroll or paid). One is to be lucky enough to win lots of credits and reach the top of the leader board. This is the hard way.

The other way I’ve discovered is to find a game that gives away so many levels of prizes that most players stand a chance of winning something, even if they place near the middle of the pack. Now this method will only get me a couple of dollars up to maybe five bucks. But on the other hand, it does get me some bonus money. And there’s still always a chance of winning. So I’m currently looking for some freeroll slot games with lots of prizes to give away, even if they’re small prizes.

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