How to Win a Lot of Money? Get a Jackpot!

Try your luck playing bingo? Better try online slot machines. The fact that it is not so unrealistic to get a jackpot at an online slot machine is confirmed by the story of a Swede who has won his million-bucks jackpot for the second time playing at an online casino.

You might say that this guy was born in a happy shirt. But maybe he didn’t even dream of anything like that when he started playing online slot machines on the Internet. He unexpectedly won one of the biggest jackpots at an online Casino last year – the unpredictable Hall of Gods slot machine. This online slot machine has been very popular for a long time, probably due to its particularly advanced jackpot. The jackpot is growing very fast and almost always exceeds 1 million. And it’s really a large amount.

But it didn’t end there – on the night of Monday, May 12, 2014, this Swede cut tracks in the video game machine Nights. No one expected what happened next. He won the second million bucks jackpot of his life – this time 1,800,000 bucks. We can only congratulate him and wish good luck to one of you next time.

What was the reaction of this happy man? After his second win, he said, “It’s just unbelievable.” And continued joking, “Maybe the next one will be the Hall of Gods jackpot.” Why not. The current jackpot is almost 7,000,000 bucks

How often does anyone get a jackpot at an online casino?

If you think getting a jackpot at an online casino is extreme, you are wrong. This week alone, Casino won two million jackpots, the second worth SEK 3,307,177, playing the Jazz of New Orleans on a mobile phone.

Still, thinking about winning big in a lotto game?

In the next article, we will discuss why winning jackpots at online casinos is much more likely than winning the lotto.

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