Online Keno Games

The game of keno is an emerging game in online casinos and has attracted the attention of the public due to the amounts of money that are handled. This in its traditional version, later we will also talk about online keno, its characteristics, advantages, and casinos in which to play. Keno is very similar to bingo, traditionally you need an 80 ball raffle. The player marks 20 different numbers on the ballot, which are selected from the raffle the more numbers that match the ballot the player will win larger amounts of money.

The online version of keno lets you participate in keno games whenever you want. The entry price is lower than in physical games but the number of players can create very high prizes. In matters of the online casino the numbers come out electronically. Player participation can be larger. It depends on the casino you can bet between 15-20 numbers. Keno pays you depending on how many numbers you hit on your 20 number ballot, the action of hitting a number is commonly called a hit.

Usually, the player wins more if he chooses a greater number of numbers or hits, but sometimes a bigger prize is used for having a smaller number of hits. An important feature of keno in its online version is the use of cards, it is key to differentiate them to make the most of the experience and the possibilities of obtaining bigger prizes. On a normal card you can bet up to 15 numbers and wait for the results. In this mode you combine different normal cards to have a better chance of winning, each card has its individual price. You play 2 or more games of keno with a single card.

The amount wagered must be the same in the splits. Usually the most complicated form of keno, in this bets for several groups of numbers, you have to choose the number of combinations, count the bets made and that are in accordance with the factions on the right side of the card. The amount to bet depends on the sum of your numerators, usually the online casino has software that avoids you doing all this process manually. This variation of way cards allows you to choose specific numbers on the card, these are circled and have a different importance than the others. Casinos as other casino games slots, roulette, blackjack although Keno can be played in casino.

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