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Poker is one of the oldest card games ever to be played. Its historic presence has been around for centuries in which 100’s of different varieties of the game have been created. For the newbies outdoor, poker is one of the only card games that require an element of skill, a little bit of luck & the real pros just know when to bluff. All these 3 factors make up the game of poker, you will get the hang of it once you start playing a number of poker games, learn different betting patterns & how different kinds of players react to certain situations.

The 52 Card Pack

Poker is played with one set of playing cards which consists of 52 cards. There are 4 different suits consisting of hearts, diamonds, spades & clubs ranging from the numbers 2 till 10 & your high cards of Jack, Queen, King & Ace. You need to identify how many cards there are in order to see how probably certain situations are.

You cannot have duplicate cards in poker since only one pack is used. In Poker, it could be that 2 packs of cards are used in order to speed up the process. One set of cards will be the playing cards & the other set of cards will be shuffled by the dealer to be played once the round is over. This makes the game much quicker to be played. Although, with online poker, this is not needed since everything can be done automatically and at a much quicker pace.

Poker Hands

We have just outlined how many playing cards there can be in an online poker game. Knowing what cards can come out of is very important in table games. You need to understand if certain cards cannot be played or if more than one set of cards will be used. This affects the probability of the game, and in poker, the probability is a huge factor to take into account. If a player understands the types of hands that can come out, the values of these hands & the principles of betting then the player will have a fair chance of winning the game.

Poker hands are valued in the best 5 cards that you can have. At the beginning of the game, you will receive two cards which are referred to as your hand. Once the first betting round is played, three cards will come out on the deck (table) which is referred to as the flop.

Then after the betting round, the fourth card will come out which is referred to as the turn & then finally the last card will come out which is referred to as the river card. These terms are commonly used in Poker and it is important to understand what they mean. On each of these cards, there is a betting round where players get to check, call or raise their betting limits based on the hand they receive. The Casinos has outlined team has outlined the best poker variations starting from the highest (best) to the lowest (worst) hand.

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