Online Roulette Strategy

Online roulette is one of the highest rated games in the online casino world. Just like with real roulette, each player’s goal is to guess in advance the number the ball will land on, and to do this there are a number of different bets that can be placed. We are facing the most popular casino game ever , and that even in its online version has depopulated among fans. In this guide we will discover the differences between the various online roulette’s, how to play the best and all the other information you need to know. And if you are wondering how to make money at online roulette and if there are any winning strategies , then you are in the right place to find out.

Before delving into tricks and methods of winning, it is useful to distinguish the different types of roulette. In general the rules are very similar, but there are differences that need to be taken into consideration. Here are the types french roulette this is the classic version, as well as the first to be invented. It is made up of 36 numbers plus zero, and for this reason it is also called single zero roulette. In the french version there is a rule, called en prison , a sort of second attempt on simple bets when zero comes out.

To explain the rule it may be simpler to give an example if a player makes a simple outside bet and a zero is rolled, the bet will be put in jail during the next round. If red is rolled the player will recover the bet, if black is rolled, the bet will be of the dealer. American roulette here, unlike the french one, in addition to the 36 numbers we have zero and double zero , and therefore the probability of winning decreases. In the event of a zero and double zero, you cannot freeze your bet. English roulette very similar to the french one, it mostly presents aesthetic differences, such as the carpet which is not green, but blue.

It is also not possible to bet on six numbers on this roulette wheel. Roulette in this version the rules remain the same as in french roulette, but the winnings change. In fact, here you do not collect a win every time you guess the bet, but you accumulate a progressive prize pool that increases with each play. Eventually, if a player manages to guess a number 5 times in a row, he can claim the prize pool. If we talk about how to win at online roulette, obviously there are no 100% safe methods , but online roulette strategies or methodologies can be adopted to maximize profits. In general, however, the advice is to study how roulette works, what are the odds of winning and above all to play in a flexible and persevering way , especially knowing when it is time to stop. Bonuses one last tip is to take advantage of the welcome bonuses , weekly or other promotions that online casinos offer.

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