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Strong is weak the opponent is staring directly at you while placing their bets as a rule, a deliberate move to scare away, to make you want to leave the casino game as soon as possible. Weak combination when placing bets, the opponent shrugs his shoulders, his voice in low tones, as if tired. Be careful and prepare a good combo if you plan to stay in the casino game. Deliberately looking away from the table such an action betrays a dangerous rival, and is much more unpredictable than one who openly stares at you. A closer look at the chips at the time of the bet.

A shaking hand is a strong combination agree, faking the shaking and nervousness is not easy, given how everyone tries to keep the situation under control. An attempt to confuse, divert attention, as if your chips do not matter. Here is an example of weakness. Strange jerky movements when placing chips that followed a calm bet. Before you try to bluff or uncertainty, weak combination. Anxiety, actions with notes of trembling – impatience. A strong combination causes excitement of the nervous system, which requires more oxygen to enter the body, since bluff, on the contrary, provokes a holding of breath.

Features of breathing the most obvious, uncontrollable symptom. A quick glance at the chips. The cards are dealt by the dealer and evaluated by the players, and the opponent then glances at the chips. Obvious satisfaction with the casino game and he intends to move on. Touching the chips. Waiting for the opponents’ bets is accompanied by a deliberate touch – an attempt to intimidate with a weak card, and possibly an accidental touch before a bet with the owner of a strong combination. This sign is rarely seen among experienced poker players.

Each poker casino game is accompanied by climactic transitions that casino casino game experts would like to share with you. Each of the stages is accompanied by trading. A round of betting is completed the distribution of show-down. The players evaluate the strength of their hand and the cards are revealed. Let not every player go through all the stages, but every poker player is obliged to understand the features and risks. The rules of the casino game for beginners will be especially helpful. After all, there are situations that it is better to fold before the flop than to continue playing and lose much more.

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