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In many online casinos a very stimulating and fun game has landed , but that not many people know especially it is Keno. This game, which is very reminiscent of the lottery is really simple to play and once you learn the rules, with a bit of luck and some strategies you can also get very interesting winnings. But how does it work and what are the characteristics of this game? Let’s find out in this handy and simple online casino guide. Keno is reminiscent of the lottery or bingo and for this reason learning to play is not at all difficult. Furthermore, there is no need to download applications, you can play quickly from both computer and mobile and you can practice by trying the free demos on the various casinos.

Each player must place a bet and wait for the outcome of a numerical extraction the goal, of course, is to guess the result, so as to obtain a win and withdraw it at the end of the extractions. At the beginning, in the phase preceding the extraction, each player will have to select on a card the numbers that he thinks will come out, and which usually range from 1 to 80. The more numbers you can guess, the bigger the winnings will be at the same time, however, the more numbers you choose, the lower your winnings will be.

Each casino has different rules usually you can bet on a maximum of 10/20 numbers, while the figure varies between 1 and 5. When you have chosen the numbers, you will then have to choose the type of bet. There are several betting options Bet in this case you choose the numbers on the card and according to the predetermined odds you will win if one or more numbers come up on you have bet on. Bet Against in this case you go to choose the numbers that hopefully do not come out, and here there is a minimum of numbers that you are forced to choose.

Hit All this bet consists in guessing the numbers that will come out in the same round, with a minimum and a maximum. This is a bet with less chance of success, but which guarantees higher winnings. Top or Bottom this bet is similar to red / black or odd / even in roulette. You choose only a part of the card, either the one that goes from 1 to 40 or from 41 to 80. As there is a very high probability of guessing the winnings are very low. At this point, having chosen the numbers and the type of bet, the drawing will take place. 20 numbers will then be drawn, and the winners who have guessed the numbers will be able to claim their winnings.

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