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In the age of digitization and online casino game, it is no longer absolutely necessary to offer an extensive telephone service. Online players use the chat functions of the casino gaming sites much more to get an answer immediately after the request, preferably around the clock. The preferred means of communication has long ceased to be the telephone hotline, especially since costs often arise here and a contact person hardly has the opportunity to present the casino player with a solution on the screen, as the next table clearly shows.

Instructions for solving problems can be easily sent via the small chat window, which is usually available on every offer page. It is even easier if the online consultant has the opportunity to refer to an informative page in the frequently asked questions. The player can also use the help source for immediate problem solving and contact the consultant in chat at any time with further questions, which greatly simplifies the effort for both sides. Internet casino payout rates are generally more profitable than land-based casino rates. Basically, it’s about winning a game operation.

That means, with a house edge of 5 percent, the casino pays 95 percent of all earnings back to its members. The calculation of the payout ratio is based on the simplest mathematics, the house edge is deducted from all games. However, only an average value can be determined in this way, because all casino games are subject to their own rules, which ultimately have different payout rates due to different winning probabilities. In addition, there are the popular online slots, where each manufacturer uses a different random generator, which in turn controls the algorithm of the payouts.

The payout percentages of classic games that take place in the live casino are untouchable, only the programmed, automatic game offers can be adjusted by the developers. The odds calculation of an online casino is made up of different game types, which ultimately result in a payout rate. For specialized game fans, it is therefore always worth taking a look at the different categories. While individual gaming companies use a good odds key everywhere, other casino providers have focused on certain areas where the payout rates are over 98 percent, but other game offers have significantly lower rates.

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