Popular Live Casino Games

There is great interest in casino games in this country. There are probably many of us who dream of traveling abroad to play in the physical casinos, but for many it will only be a dream. Live casino, on the other hand, can be a good alternative.

Live casino includes all the popular casino games , such as poker, blackjack and roulette with a live dealer. The dealer is dedicated to your specific table, and he or she joins via a live stream, often in hd quality. This makes it feel as if the dealer is right in front of you, just like in a physical casino.

Both the social aspect and the excitement from a physical casino are transferred. When playing at live casino, you will be able to see, for example, roulette, when the ball lands in its pocket, and at the same time you will be able to discuss the games with both other players and the casino host himself. Live casino takes you one step closer to a physical casino.

Live casino bonus

Where live casino has grown over the last few years, the online casinos are not unfamiliar with handing out bonuses for this category of games. When you register at an online casino, you will most likely get to choose between a welcome bonus for odds, casino, or live casino.

Some casinos offer 3 separate welcome bonuses, but it is also common to combine casino and live casino bonuses, so that the player can use the bonus across the entire range. Also, with vip/loyalty programs, there are often extra bonuses and promotions at a later date.

Game selection in live casino

Most online casinos today have an offer of live casino games. This is the rule rather than the exception. Among these casinos, however, the selection varies somewhat. Popular casino games that are offered within live casino are of course poker, blackjack and roulette, but also games such as baccarat, punto banco, caribbean stud, and more are often offered.

A perhaps more important aspect than the actual variation in games is the selection of different tables within each game. That is to say – what bet limits the casino operates with. In live casino games, the stake limits can vary between 1 kroner piece and several thousand, depending on how willing you are to gamble.

This is the dealer

As mentioned, the dealers are seen via live stream, so that they appear directly on your screen. These dealers are spread across casinos all over the world, and it is precisely here, in the physical casinos, that they run the same games that you participate in. In some cases, the live casino providers also have their own casino premises that are specially adapted to casino games over internet.

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