Quick withdrawals are common at Bank ID casinos

Thanks to the fact that both Swish and Trustly are incredibly fast at transferring your money, you never have to wait long for your winnings compared to many other payment services. This is a huge advantage for you who want to do something fun with the money right away, for example, go out and eat a good dinner or why not watch a big movie at the cinema. The transactions are not only extremely fast but they are also secure. Swish is the result of a collaboration between many banks that enables immediate mobile transfers among friends, but also direct transfers to, among other casinos.

Trustly is the reason for the fast withdrawals

Trustly in turn was developed by the company Trustly AB as a kind of intermediary that handles transfers between you and the casino where you play. So it’s faster, smoother and easier than ever to play today. It is impossible to underestimate Trustly’s involvement in how easy it has become to play casinos online. The payment service only requires you to verify your identity with BankID, which takes a few seconds. Then they pay the money in a few minutes into the account. Previously, we have only been able to get a similar pace on withdrawals through E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. The disadvantage of these is that the money does not get into the bank account. With Trustly, the money enters the bank account directly, which makes it an unbeatable withdrawal method at http://pokeryu.com online casinos.

Swish Casino for both deposits and withdrawals

Since licensing became a requirement at online casinos, we have seen Swish become increasingly popular for deposits. Using Swish at an online casino is something that is highly recommended. You then make a deposit with Swish, which is extremely flexible. Fill in your phone number and the amount you want to deposit. Then just open your Swish app and confirm the deposit. As you do this, the money comes into your gaming account instantly and you can start playing lots of different casino games in the best way.

Today, many casinos without registration have Swish as a payment service for deposits. Happily, more and more people also have Swish available for withdrawal. Withdrawing money through the payment service is basically just as easy. You then choose Swish as the withdrawal method and fill in the amount you want to withdraw and the telephone number you have linked to the account. Once again, you confirm the withdrawal by opening the Swish app and now the money will be transferred to your bank account in real-time. Therefore, Swish casino payments have been extremely appreciated by players as it provides as fast withdrawals as Trustly but is perhaps even smoother for you as a player.

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