Real Money Keno

If Keno is your favorite game, you might as well try out to play for real money. If you’re an expert player, you’ll have reasonable chances to win some of the biggest keno jackpots in history, but if you’re a novice player then you shouldn’t worry either, keno is very simple and easy to learn. Playing real money keno can be extremely profitable in the long run, if played well. Read our guide if you want to know how to win at real money keno.

How to Play Real Money Keno

You can play real money keno in most online casinos on the market. Playing the game online offers many advantages over playing it live, with the main reason being that you don’t have to go out to buy a keno ticket, since you can play whenever you like. More than this, several online casinos offer mobile keno games. This means you may play keno from your mobile phone wherever you are.

One thing to remember is to choose a reputable online keno casino. You should make sure that the place you’re about to play is properly licensed and verified, but the game selection should also be big, offering several keno types from different themes. The site structure and graphics should be exceptional too, since you don’t want to visit a site which has bad animations or poor design. Playing real money keno is extremely easy because the same rules apply like in live keno. You have to buy a keno ticket, which has 80 numbers listed on it and depending on the game type you’ll have to choose between 1 and 20 numbers. Then, the casino will generate a list of 20 numbers. The amount of correct guesses will determine your winnings.

Advice: You should also make sure to know about the rules of the game at hand. Like it was mentioned, many keno casinos have different rules. You must understand each rule or specific requirement the casino has.

How to Win at Real Money Keno

Keno essentially is a game of luck, but there are some tips which could increase your winning chances a lot. First you should decide what type of player you are. If you’re an offensive player and like to risk a lot to win big, you might want to choose a lot if not even the maximum amount of numbers allowed. Your odds will be considerably smaller, but you’ll have the chance to win some of the biggest keno jackpots in history, and here we’re talking about sums with five or six zeros. But if you don’t like to risk a lot you should choose between 4 and 8 numbers. Your wining chances will be much bigger, but you probably won’t become a millionaire. Still, with a bit of luck in the long run you might earn a large sum of money.

Tip: Real money keno is certainly fun and highly profitable. But you should still try out free money keno version first. It will give you a clear idea about the casino at hand and clarify the specific rules, if there are any.

Where to Play Real Money Keno

The top online casinos on the market offer exceptional keno games. Their gaming software was created by leading international companies and both the games and the casinos themselves are properly regulated. Some even offer free games for you to play just for fun, but we recommend you to play with real money, as well. Online casinos don’t charge much for a keno ticket, in fact, it’s considerably cheaper than the live variant. You also shouldn’t worry about safety either, as today’s best online casinos have been independently reviewed and tested. The money you deposit there will be in trustworthy hands. If you want to know which the best real money keno casinos are, then check out our list. We carefully evaluated each one of them and determined that they are the greatest in the industry. Choose the one you like and claim your exclusive online keno bonus right away!

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