Referral Bonus

In the world of online games, you have to know how to take advantage of every opportunity to scratch bonuses. One of the easiest to get after the welcome bonus is the referral bonus. Online gaming sites and especially sports betting bookmakers use many tools to attract new players. The principle of the referral bonus is easy to obtain if you follow the process well. This bonus is awarded to players who are already members of the casino where they are playing for real money . They can then become a sponsor of other players, letting them know and try the casino.

The sponsor will give a future customer a bonus. He will therefore become his godfather and will also be rewarded with a bonus. The godfather is also often better rewarded for encouraging him. The godson can also become a godfather in his turn and receive other bonuses or even no deposit bonuses. The goal is to get word of mouth and use players to recruit others. It is much cheaper than a global advertising campaign whose impact is never clearly known. This bonus is often forgotten by players.

On the one hand because it is not necessarily put forward unlike all the other bonuses and promotions and on the other hand because it asks to find a referral. However, these bonuses are offered by most online casinos, and if not, you can claim them from customer service and negotiate its value. Rest assured, no one is asking you for family ties. The first step is to sweep around and take a tour of the enthusiasts you know. You can also turn in forums and on online sports sites. We talk more often about bookmakers because they are the biggest providers of this type of bonus. Remember that you can accumulate referral bonuses.

That’s the whole point. Do you have the godson and therefore you are the godfather? Now how to do? The process depends on the site. So let’s take a little tour to see the different variants. Casino offers you an original referral bonus which earns you many bonuses. The sponsor must generate a link on his account and send it to his godson or up to five potential godchildren. Be cool, still ask your friends if they are interested before giving their address. Knowing how to live obliges. Those who register must participate in a tournament and then both of you will be credited with bonuses.

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