Roulette Gambling Strategies to Keep in Mind When Playing at the Online Casino

You might not think roulette requires strategy, but in fact it does. Roulette is a great game that is enjoyed by many players at online casinos because of its simplicity and appeal.  You may win or lose at roulette, and feel that the outcome depends on luck only but in fact you can develop betting strategies to help you win. You can think of the game of roulette in mathematical terms because it involves 36 slots on the roulette wheel plus a zero and a number of different numerical bets that can be made.  Many people try to figure out the mathematical probabilities of bets using a wagering strategy like the famous Martingale betting system.  For instance, what do you think the probability of the next spin will be after eight successive reds?  Most players would probably guess black.  But this isn’t always so.  It is just as probable to get a red as it would be for black.

Why is this?  This is because each spin of the roulette wheel is a separate game.  You can use the idea of probability when playing a continuous game, but in roulette it’s different. Each spin of the roulette wheel can have different outcome.  The wheel does not think and just falls on a number by luck so there is no probability to consider.  It’s important to constantly keep this mind when calculating your roulette gambling strategy.  Once you accept the fact that there is no probability involved, you can play in a more reasonable fashion. Another more aggressive strategy that may work for you is trying to aim to win more money in fewer spins.  Stay in tune to your feelings and how the game is going.  If you start to win games, increase your betting.  If you start to lose games, accept the fact that you are having a bad day and stop playing.

If you like games of chance you should check out roulette on the net. Many players have the misconception about the game of roulette that if you keep betting the same your turn will come up.  They think that they can create a strategy of sticking to the same plan game after game, but in fact you’re better to diversify.  To be a good roulette player, especially when playing online you need to base your strategy not on where you bet, but keeping in mind your profit and loss. First of all don’t listen to people who advise you to bet one number over and over again.  Or people that tell you need to double your bets after a loss and over time you’ll win.  Playing with these strategies gives you exactly the same odds as playing at random because the wheel turns at random and doesn’t think.  There is no probability involved in the game.

What you should keep in mind is your profit and loss margins.  Make sure before you get on to the internet,  you consider how much money you want to bet and how much you are willing to lose and how much you will win before you stop playing.  It is very hard for people to step away from their computer screen especially when they are losing.  It’s easy to keep going and going because your computer is in your house or office and it’s not like at a casino where at some point you have to go home. You need to understand that roulette is based o luck and when you are having good luck and winning you should continue to play, but if you’re having bad luck stop playing.  It’s better to play sometimes and keep playing in sessions when you are winning and stop playing in sessions that start to go bad.  Keep track of how much you are betting and your profit at all times.

Roulette Money Management Strategies to Help You Stay on Top

Many people think that they are excellent roulette players because they are constantly keeping probability in mind when playing the game.  This may or may not help you win in a game like roulette.  You need to understand that during play that the wheel doesn’t add up previous spins and each spin is like a separate game so this idea of probability does not apply. But betting strategies may help you in terms of setting an upper and lower limit and quitting while you are ahead.

So what are the chances of the spin coming up red or black when you play roulette? For instance if there is 9 successive reds that came up at a roulette game, what are the chances that the next would be black?  Most people would say the next spin will come out black, but this is not the case.  The roulette wheel could end up falling on black just as likely that it could land again on red. It’s a 50-50 shot. Knowing that the game is based purely on luck is what will keep your gambling in control.  For instance, if you are having a bad day and you don’t feel lucky, don’t play roulette.  Or, if you start to play and you are losing.  Accept the fact that you are having a bad day and quit for the day.

Now, if the opposite thing occurs and you start winning games, increase your bets and keep going.  Keep in mind what factors of the game you are in control of.  You have the choice to decide when and where you want to bet.  You also have the choice of the amount and you can choose when you are ready to quit.  No matter what, before you go to the casino or bet online, you need to figure out what is your losing limit and what is your winning limit.  Be reasonable and try to win overall and keep yourself ahead.  Remember that if you just win most of the time, but you are losing overall, this is the time you need to quit and return to play another day.

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