Roulette Rules

Roulette is not a difficult game to understand. Of course to master it takes years, and is almost impossible – but playing smart and winning 100% profit is not too hard when you read up on the game. However, like most games there are Rules. In real Casino’s especially, these must be followed or you can risk yourself being asked to leave.

Roulette at a Real Casino

As you step up to the table, see if there are seats available, or a space to stand. Ask other politely if you can ’squeeze in’ or sit down. When handing in your cash, place it on the table near where the Croupier can reach it. Do not keep contact with the money as they cannot take it out of your hands. Do not throw the money at the Croupier or toss in an unfriendly like manner. Do state whether you would like color chips or cash chips, you can also state a preference for values/colors

When betting, do not reach over the table for extended periods of time, as this prohibits other players from making their bets and is considered rude. You are allowed to place chips on the far side of the table towards the croupier. She/he will ask where you would like them placed. Do not bang on the table, shout or swear in frustration. You will more than likely be asked to leave. Do not use cell phones at the table. You have to step away to use one. Do not attempt to influence the movement of the ball in anyway, i.e. blowing on it in hope. This will result in you being asked to leave.

Online Roulette Rules

The rules are much harder to break here, because of the software limiting you, e.g. you can’t reach over other people, bang on table and such forth. If there is a chat window, refrain from heavy swearing and using CAPS LOCK. It’s considered rude, and if a moderator is viewing your activities, they may ban your account.

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