Roulette Strategy

Working roulette strategy will allow a player to reach top position and win maximum from the roulette game. There are many valuable points which can make him win the game easily. First thing he should do is pick the best roulette table from those that are available. Always a player who wishes to win the game should prefer European table. The problem with American table is they have best house edge. This is nothing but an extra 00 on the table. This makes odds in favor of dealer when compared to the player. It was known from a analysis that American tables have 5.4% edge over the opponent.

However, European tables have only 2.7% edge over the opponent. People should follow Martingale system. In this system players raise their bets and double it when they loose their first chance. Sometimes this idea is good and can bring huge gains but it has its own disadvantages too. It’s always good for player to stick to a constant amount all through the game. This strategy is not the overall one to be followed but this is the one which can guide player in making more money. Other strategy which can help players is Andrucci Roulette Strategy. This was invented by famous mathematician Andrucci. This strategy is based on the concept called “ordered chaos”.

This strategy says that there will be at least one single number which comes for every 18 times. Place this bet at 18th time on that number and you will definitely win. To put this system into action player should scroll to the live roulette stat feature and instead of ignoring the numbers with lot of wins they should bet on them. One other roulette strategy being used by most of the player is D’Alembert Roulette System. This strategy aims to take advantage over winning chance of the player. People who use this system will be able to bet on even money and reduce the stakes by 50%. This helps them to double the bet before loosing the game.

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