Seat Selection: Poker Strategies

Playing poker is all about strategy. You should take advantage of all kinds of things that will give you the best advantage against your opponents. And one strategy you should employ is seat selection. Seat selection isn’t about choosing the best seat because it is comfortable, its about selecting the best position depending on who’s the best and worst player in the table. Seat selection is not that significant but you can have quiet a big advantage if you pick the right seat on a particular poker table.

Playing poker is a game of chance, with one small advantage you can win a big pot. So any kind of advantages is useful even if its not that important. Some experts advise to place bad players on your right side and good players on your left. If the bad player is really aggressive, this kind of strategy is good enough.This strategy will remove the players behind you when you permit the player before you to be isolated when they set the bet.

On the other hand, you can also place this player on your left if the situation is quiet passive ( a lot of passive players). The reason behind this idea is to call into pots or to check when the first three cards came out having the aggressive player set the bet for you. And when its your turn, wish that a lot of players would have called and its time to re-raise with your good hands. This idea is applicable to playing poker with big bets in which you can raise again the pot in a bigger proportion to take the game down unchallenged or continuing the game with only two players left with many bets from players who have already folded.

This idea can also be use in placing better players. You can place the better player on your right to have an idea on their game plan or you can place the better player behind you to affect the decision that they are going to make. Strategies in seat selection varies depending on the game plan of an individual player. Its better for you to try these different kind of strategies to know its strengths and weaknesses and use the one that will give you the biggest advantage.

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