Slot Bonuses

Let us talk about a great way to spice up your slots playing experience with what I think is the best of both worlds by playing Bonus Slots. Bonus slots is one of the best times spent playing on your computer I feel this is most exciting type of Slot Games that you can have in the comfort of your home .OK here is one reason why I like it so much.There aren’t many rules that you should know if you are new to playing slots. All you have to do is decide upon how much money you would like to bet and then drop the money into the machine or click the screen to decide upon the amount easy right. Now all you have to do is decide whether you are going to bet one coin or bet the maximum amount, then click the spin button and you are playing. No monkey business needed.

OK now if you are playing one of the Multi-spin games after you have clicked the spin button you have to press the hold buttons under the symbols you would like to hold and press the spin button again. Reason 2, Bonus slots are a type of game that you can play for a long period of time because of the varying denominations that you can find to play with. This type of game can be really rewarding and always promises you a great time. At Slots Monkey fun is the top banana. Reason 3, other winning symbols and combinations.You also have the chance to win an additional amount of money by getting a certain symbol combination.

OK most bonus rounds on slot machines will allow you to choose a certain object that goes along with the game and reveal the extra amount of money you will win this is a common thing. There are a few factors that determine the amount of money you will win in the bonus round. The first factor is of course the theme of the game you are playing, as in other games each game is different. Another factor is the amount of money you are betting, normally the more money you are wagering the more you will win in the bonus round. So if you are on a machine that allows you to wager say a penny you are not going to win as much as you would if you were wagering a dollar or two common sense rules.

There are also several different types of Bonus Slots that you can play. You have Multi-spin Bonus Slots which lets you make an initial spin, then hold the symbols that you think will win you the most and then spin again to see if you get any winning combinations. The other type is the multi reel or multi payline slots. This type of game only gives you one spin to get winning combinations but allows for numerous paylines or reels, combinations but numerous paylines or reels, which means there are more spaces for winning combinations .

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