Slot Machines and Slots Online

In all online casinos that we know of, slot machines are the most important type of game. They are not only the largest in number, but also the game form that turns over the most money and pays out the highest winnings. It is simply about the most popular type of game available at online casinos today. In this text we will go through the different types of slot machines and slots available today and how you can have as much fun as possible when playing them.

Before we go any further, however, we want to explain what a slot machine really is. Slot machine is a broad term, but when you are in an online casino , it is usually a certain type of game, reminiscent of old-time one-armed bandits, we are talking about. The common denominator is a number of reels with different symbols that start spinning when you start a game round. Certain combinations of symbols mean that you win money or succeed in unlocking special functions within the game.

We continue by going over some common words and concepts that you may not have come across before, unless you are already an experienced player. By going through the list, we also hope that you will learn how to play at an online casino with slot machines. Small glossary – terms you should know

Why do you sometimes say slots?

A common synonym for slot machine is slot. Slot is an English word that is not usually but means coin toss. Simply the compartments where you put money for one-armed bandits. In this text, we use slot machines and slots as synonyms.

What do wilds and scatters mean?

The scatter symbol is a special symbol found in almost all slot machines. Scatters usually have the function that you win free spins if you get enough of them. A wild symbol acts as a kind of joker and can replace other symbols, it makes it easier to get a winning combination.

How do paylines work?

A payline is a row along which symbols can appear. A slot machine can have anything from a single, to many hundreds of pay lines, the number depends on, among other things, how many reels the game has and whether the lines are counted diagonally and vertically or only horizontally. Before a game round, you can choose how many paylines you want to have a chance to win on. If the paylines are fixed (as it is called), you always win on all existing paylines.

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