Slots Tournaments: A Fun Way of Playing Slots

Slots tournaments are very popular. In slots tournaments you will be assigned a slots machine and given a fixed initial credit and allotted a fixed time to play in. So will the other competitors. As you play the slots machine will total the winnings. Normally the slots winnings cannot be used to play. At the end of your given time any unused slots credits are lost, so make sure you use all of them. When the allotted time period is over the slots player with the maximum winnings is declared the winner.

There are different types of slots tournaments. One is the invitational slots tournament on If you are a high roller you can get invited to participate as a sort of bonus for being loyal and active. You could win cash prizes or free credits with which you can play next month. Then there are free slots tournaments. These are generally held to promote slots, especially among potential slots players, and have sponsored prizes. The most popular type of slots tournaments are the buy-in slots tournaments. In this you pay an entry fee in order to participate. The entry fees are pooled in to make the prize pot. Buy-in slots tournaments are usually the elimination type. At the end of the first round a number of slots players are eliminated based on some pre-decided criterion. A number of rounds are played with fewer and fewer slots players till a winner is declared in the final round.

Slots tournaments are very popular because you can play slots for free or for the liability of a limited entry fee. You do not run the risk of losing a small fortune. At the same time in the buy-in slots tournaments the winnings can be substantial because there is a large participation. Above all slots tournaments are an occasion for socializing and enjoying one’s self.

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