Slots variation

Slot machines are a type of casino  game that seems to invite plenty of innovation, plenty of creative ideas. That’s one reason that there are so many variations.  Here are some of the slots variations that you should look for.

Classic Slots

Actually, every kind of slot machine can, in a sense, be divided into two groups:  video and classic slots.  Originally, the two were based on competing technologies. The new games, as a result, used software rather than mechanically spinning reels. The software-based ones were called video slots; the ones with spinning mechanisms are classic slots. Other than the technology, the main difference between the two is the number of reels.  With classic slots, there are three reels. The symbols on the reels include bars, cherries, 7’s, liberty bells, and so on. These are the grandchildren of the original one arm bandit machines, which had three reels and similar symbols.  Many modern classic machines, though, have started using different themes and offering progressive payouts and bonus features.

Video Slots

With video slots, software simulates the spinning of reels. Most slot machines being made today are video games. Obviously, this includes online slot machines, which are built on software. Strangely, though, with video slots, the three-reel system has been largely abandoned. Instead, the slot games are built on themes and use original animation, sounds, and offer extra bonuses on the reels.

Multi-Reel Slots

Another way of categorizing slot machines is by the number of their reels. As indicated, classic games used three reels. Any machines with more than three reels are known as multi-reel slots. Since we’ve already spoken in detail, let’s discuss multi-reel games, which are becoming more popular among serious gamers.

One popular multi-reel machine is the 5-reel game. This one uses more pay lines than the classic 3-reel games.  These are popular machines since they usually have a theme and they usually have a wide variety of bonuses.  Sometimes, a 5-reel machine might have a larger pay line than a classic game–as much as 100 pay lines.

Then there’s the 7-reel slot machine. Usually this one doesn’t have any special bonus features. These machines are fairly new in the gaming industry. They have 7 reels but no special symbols. They offer a much smaller number of pay lines (only a maximum of 10). The reels have a smaller number of symbols than on 5-reel machines. Often, it’s easier to win money since the payouts are smaller.

And finally, there are the 9-reel online slots. A 9-reel slot machine looks much like the classic 3-reel, but all of the reels with symbols spins independently.  Usually, these machines have vertical lines in addition to horizontal and diagonal. They have more bonus features and also offer progressive payouts. As a result, you can win more on a 9-reel online slot machine than just about any other slot machine. However, keep in mind, as we’ve said, these are an Internet-only phenomenon.

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