Standard Casino Etiquette on Live Poker

Poker has been one of the most outstanding casino games that have gained a remarkable international popularity in the gambling and casino industries. Because of this, the growth of the poker player population seems inevitable. Because there is an unstoppable growth of the numbers of poker beginners in casino who are excited to take part in poker games, it would be helpful to provide some hints on the proper etiquette to observe while playing live poker especially vital for beginners to know.

Beginners in poker must learn how to follow the basic etiquette on playing live poker in order to show professionalism and proper conduct on how to play the game of poker. When making a bet it is always preferable to make a bet in a straightforward manner. When calling a raise state your intention clearly by saying simply “raise”. Saying “I call a raise” can cause the dealer to misinterpret you as making a call instead. String betting can compromise your actual bet.

It is not a good etiquette for poker players to listen to their iPods while in an on-going poker game especially if they become unaware that it is their turn to act on the game. This can be a nuisance to their opponents and should be totally avoided by poker players playing in a live poker game.

It is a tradition when playing poker in the United States to be generous enough to tip the dealer in a poker game in every hand a player wins. A dollar tip can make a dealer happy and more inspired to do their job. However, take note that in some British, New Zealand and Australian casinos, tipping is strictly prohibited.

Bluffing is not really necessary in every poker game. Bluffing is only effective once done at the right moment. Bluffing abuse can take place especially among poker beginners who do not understand the proper way of bluffing. It is better to play a normal game of poker than using bluffing inappropriately that can compromise the game quality of a poker player.

Every casino player must know how to observe prompt response when it is their turn to act. Slow rolling and keeping opponents waiting is poor casino etiquette to observe. Consideration to other poker players is a part of the expected etiquette to observe when playing live poker that benefits all players on the game. Being able to conduct a good etiquette when playing live poker is a good characteristic of a professional poker player which gives a poker player distinctive character desirable to other players to play with.

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