Tax on Winnings Online Casinos

If you play at an online casino, you are not charged any tax. This is great news for any casino lover and for sure another argument for playing at online casinos. Of course, you have to remember that at the moment, according to the gambling law, they are illegal. The treasury is getting rich in online casinos the amendment to the gambling act is pure profits for the treasury. Suffice it to say that in the state treasury received in tax on casinos. The following years saw a increase in tax revenues. For gaming casinos up to million.

After opening casino, after one month of operation, as much as million was transferred to the account. These amounts, of course, make it clear why a monopoly on a legal online casino was introduced. It is a pity that it was at the expense of the players. You won money in an online casino while in what next. Suppose you have chosen a legal casino based to play. Malta is a member. In addition are bound by the double taxation avoidance agreement concluded. It simply means that you cannot pay tax twice.

In addition, you should also remember that law has been implemented into law and will have priority in the event of a conflict. So you can safely assume that the amount won in such a casino is tax-free. You must remember that there is a catch though. In the case of big wins, the winner suddenly begins to spend money excessively on his regular income. Then the tax office pays attention to this situation and begins to inquire where the money comes from. In this case, it is necessary to apply at the online casino for a certificate of the win and its amount.

Online casinos often issue such documents. I do not think it will surprise anyone if we write that in the judgments of courts there are large discrepancies in the application of the gambling act. Civil and administrative courts have once said that the provisions on the inability to organize casino games by other entities, apart from the monopoly, are full-fledged and must be complied with. At other times, the rulings clearly indicate the primacy of law. Following the considerations from the academy of sciences, taking into account all the considerations made, one should support the position of impossibility of applying sanctions, both criminal and administrative, for violating the prohibitions specified as non-notified technical rules.

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