The Popularity of Online Slots Games

Popularity of online slots can be estimated by the simple fact that there are more slots being offered in online casinos such as than any other games. Online casinos are now making it big time; there are millions of people using the web to gamble. Unlike Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, Craps etc which are dependent on a player’s skill level, slot games are more luck based. Popularity of online slots is increasing day by day, as there are increasing numbers of players that are playing slots. Almost all of the new games being added are slots which show the popularity of online slots. Only the top casino websites have been reviewed on the casino portal! Visit the casino game online site!

Popular slot categories available to play are Video Bonus Slot, Reel Classic Slot and Progressive Jackpot online. The widest spread of the above is the video slot. Video slots have five reels and are aided by impressive graphics and animation with spectacular sound effects. The amount remains fixed and is deduced by a payout table. Progressive jackpot slots differ in nature because every player adds a certain amount to the jackpot and each bet increases the amount at disposal.

Slots are different from other games as they don’t represent low house advantage that other games like Blackjack and poker offer. Slots also are not dependent on skill rather luck plays a bigger factor, Even so slots are more popular, famous and draw more players than poker and blackjack combined. Popularity of online slots largely depends on the big payouts that are offered. It has life changing prospects and this is exactly why a large number of players are drawn to it.

Online slots also have bonus rounds which contribute to its popularity. Let us know examine the percentage at which major suppliers are offering slots in comparison with other games. Microgaming offers three hundred and fifty games and online slots occupy two hundred and twenty, which means sixty-five percent slot games. Play tech is offering ninety-seven games were forty three are slots which mean forty four percent. Note (these facts might change with the passage of time as every supplier will offer new games)

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