The Rules of Classic Poker

Poker in the classic version, also known as traditional poker, on the table is often confused with the french and variant, more rarely with texas hold’em no limit. In addition to being the most popular and most played poker variant in the world, it is also the one that offers the simplest rules. In this article we provide you with the rules to start playing. The blinds or blinds are an essential part of the game of poker. In fact, these are compulsory bets , placed on the table by two players, who are positioned to the left of the dealer button , or of whoever deals the cards. They are present in all game versions including texas hold’em poker, traditional versions of other countries, 5 card draw , stud poker.

Usually, in the presence of a dealer , the dealer is a large white chip placed in the center of the game table. There are at least two players interested in the action, but the blinds are also monitored by the other players seated at the table, thus making the game dynamic and engaging. For more information, read our recent article on how small and big blinds can influence the game in your favor. Once the blinds have been posted, the first player to speak will be the one sitting next to the large blind. He is commonly called utg , or under the gun, literally under the gun. Being the first to speak and the first to decide what amount to bet, he will have to wait a whole round and the decisions of the rest of the players, before he knows how many opponents he will have.

During this first round, everyone will bet as much as they want, in 5 card draw in no limit mode. At any time the player can decide whether to bet everything with the all in or not. In most cases, the raises correspond to a doubling of the initial bet. A round ends when all players have placed their bets. Before the flop, there is the pre flop phase . Everyone has their own cards in hand and the blinds have already been placed by the corresponding players. This is a first phase of the game where a first round of betting takes place. At this point the flop is dealt on the table by the dealer. It is a fundamental step of the hand, since it is the moment in which the greatest number of cards are placed on the table at the same time.

Decision making will require some calculations and it is thanks to these cards and those that will come after that the odds and odds in poker will be worked out. Then we will have a second round of cards, in what is commonly called the post flop phase. This is formed once the flop has been thrown, by the turn, by the river, and while still two players are still in the game, by the showdown or show all cards phase, which is already present in the version of the poker community card Game. The omaha and traditional versions, unlike texas hold’em poker, involve the use of all cards. The first player to speak is the one seated closest to the dealer button . In our case it is marco, who can check or knock or call , or accept the expected sum and throw the requested amount on the table. The check is also considered an action. In this case, if the players involved in the hand decide to check, we will move on to the next phase or the next round. As long as there are tokens , the wagering process seen above will apply, allowing you to play and accumulate vip points.

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