Tips for Poker Casino Players

Where else can you find players as diverse as not at the poker table. Different age, gender, material wealth. There may also be people with poor eyesight among the players. How to be in this case this is what today’s article is about. So, the following tips for those who have poor eyesight, but dream of playing live poker. The best place at the table is in the center. If you can choose a place at the table, then sit in the center. In this case, it will be easier for a visually impaired player to see the cards, which cannot be said about the location on the sides of the table.

Location relative to the light source. Choose a place at the table so that the sun or a lamp does not shine in your eyes. Otherwise, the picture may be distorted or it will simply be difficult to see it. This advice applies to players with good eyesight as well. Exercises for the eyes from a long casino game and constant stress, eyesight can sag even more. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out light gymnastics for the eyes both before the game and during the game itself. An eye warm-up may include the following exercises.

Close your eyes tightly, wait a few seconds and open. Repeat this exercise about 10 times. Move your eyes from side to side, depicting the number 8 in front of you. Move your gaze from a distant object to a near object. This will help your eyes rest faster. Close your eyes with your hands and sit for a while in the dark. These simple exercises should be enough to rest your eyes and restore your vision a little. Trust your hearing. Of course, it is much easier to recognize the opponent’s reaction at the table with your eyes. But hearing can also help you with this.

Listen for breathing, fidgeting, crunching of your knuckles. In this case, good hearing can be of great help. And opponents usually hide only visual moments. Playing cards with braille. If you play live poker, you can purchase cards for the blind for yourself. Thanks to the markings, you will be able to understand what cards you have, while not straining your eyes. Many visually impaired players like these cards, try it too. But keep in mind that not all players will want to play with such cards, this must be agreed separately.

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