Using Aggressive Behaviour in No-Limit Texas Hold’Em

No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em is a game that moves by the rules of psychology. Players try to read their opponents if it is the right moment to bluff or to fold. They also seem to know their opponents hands by their betting patterns. And if they trail in the chip count, they try to make the opponent fear them into folding good hands so they can catch up.

The main rule in winning consistently in poker is to give an impression that you’re the top dog. You must drill the notion that no one will scare you into folding and stop you from hammering into that pot. But one shouldn’t do that haphazardly. One should get a feel of the table, knowing how others play specific cards so that one will know if it is the perfect time to stomp your foot down and scoop the chips on the table.

Don’t just try to put your hand into that pot, read your opponents’ betting frequency and patterns first. If most people simply limp into the pot and fold if the flop doesn’t hit them, then what you have is a rather loose and weak table. After the flop, if everyone checks to you, make sure that you throw in a bet around a third of the pot to get an idea if anyone is serious in playing their hand. When you do that, it seems as if you’re making a serious bet when in fact, you’re just checking out the field. Remember that you shouldn’t treat your chips as money, but rather a tool to pick on your opponents. With that done, you’ll be eating up small pots like crazy.

With you chomping on pots, it will give off an image that you’re a freak who bets on marginal hand or worse, nothing at all. When they finally call your probe bets that is the time to change gears and play a tight-aggressive game. Just limp in your good hands like AA and AJ to keep that image and make your customary bet of one-third of the pot after the flop (if you hit something or it is favourable). When you do this, they will sense that you’re trying to eat the pot again and call when in fact, they’re drawing dead. Play real casino games at

If all the betting that ensued will put you and your opponent(s) into a hand showdown, he/she will freak out when you showed a legitimate hand. When people see this, they will respect your bets more and fold once again when you throw your chips around like in the first instance. It is integral to your game that you know how to utilize both conservative and aggressive techniques. But your main style should be the latter since it will help you win larger pots when you do shift into the conservative approach.

But given this advice, it can’t be done without feeling the table and being aware of how people think of you as a poker player. If the table’s very tight and they fold immediately when their hand doesn’t fit the flop, throw in some bets. If they randomly call any bet, meaning that they have no idea how the game of poker is played, then be wary of using bluffs and instead, make straightforward bets to insure a win.

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