Using Poker Tells to Win Bigger Pots

It is no different when we are sitting at the poker table. Mike Caro has dedicated a lot of time and effort in researching poker “tells.” Caro is big on the saying “strong means weak and weak means strong.” If you interpret someone’s body language as acting strong he is probably weak and vice versa. Also remember that this is not 100%, there may be some who purposely act a certain way to try to throw you off. Just be sure to pay attention while you are at the table and you should be fine. In this article I will be discussing a few of the common tells to look for.

The shaky hand is one of the most common. Have you ever played in a home casino game and gotten such a monster hand like pocket Aces before and had everyone call? You get so excited and nervous you can barely contain yourself. This inward thought travels through the rest of your body and becomes a physical effect. The nerves and excitement cause your hand to shake when placing your chips into the pot. If you observe this from someone in your home game, chances are they have a pretty good hand. If you have a mediocre one then it’s time to fold.

Just the opposite of the shaky hand is someone who makes a bet rather roughly. What I mean by this is someone that flicks their wrist and splashes their chips into the pot. Remember what Caro said. This act of toughness is usually a sign that they are bluffing. Don’t let them bully you, if you have any sort of hand – call or raise.

Another common one is the glaring stare after someone has bet. If you have ever been next to bet and have had the better stare straight at you while you were next to act, chances are he has bluffed and does not want you to call. His mean stare is just an act. He is trying to intimidate you and this comes through by staring at you. Inwardly he is trying to scare you off; this comes through by glaring or staring right at Remembering poker tells and using them to your advantage could pay off bigger than you could imagine. Just be sure to observe others at the table and use them wisely.

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