Online Video Bingo Rules

The rules of online video bingo are very easy to learn, so if this is your first time playing online video bingo you won’t find it difficult to adapt to the rhythm of the game.

Your goal is to complete certain patterns on the electronic cards: One Line, Two Lines, One Column, and Diagonal Bingo, as many as the game wants. And if you are close to achieving a winning combination, you can buy extra balls and increase your chances of winning. This is especially important because you will need to calculate the odds that this ball will come out and be able to complete your card or meld.

When you are only a few balls short of winning a prize, investing in extra balls can be an option, but you will need to assess how much the extra balls will cost you in relation to the prize you can win. 

The card is made up of boxes with different numbers. Its size will depend on the game, since you will normally find cards with 3 rows of 5 numbers, while in some editions you could find up to 24 numbers in play that draws 44 balls, playing up to a total of 75.

The balls come out and the numbers of the balls that match those on the cardboard are crossed out automatically, just as the game places the patterns in which you are closest to winning.

At the moment in which all the numbers of a line of the cardboard are obtained, the prize of a line is obtained. Then, if you get two lines, you get the two-line prize. In the event that it is a column, the column prize is obtained. And when you get the diagonal Bingo, you get the maximum prize for this game. 

  • The forms of the winning combinations are quite diverse, and mostly have to do with each game in question. So you will have to adapt to each situation, cardboard, and ball patterns every time you decide to change the game.
  • The rules are very similar to traditional Bingo except that here the patterns are different and the number of balls played is less in some games.
  • Another very important function is that you can buy extra balls if, for example, you are missing two balls to get the Diagonal Bingo
  • The rules are very simple but if you still don’t feel safe, you can always try to play in the free video bingo modality that we offer you so that you don’t lose due to inexperience.

Online Video Bingo Strategy

One of the main recommendations to play bingo is to arm yourself with calm and patience to wait for the numbers to come out and thus have the possibility of winning one of the different prizes available.

  • To increase your chances of winning, we recommend that you put the following tips into practice: 
  • Don’t buy too many cartons.
  • If you don’t have much knowledge about the game, we recommend you start playing free video bingo games.
  • Play little money in games. In this way, you will be able to play more games and thus increase the chances of winning. It is not convenient to bet everything on the first game and buy a high number of cards. It is much more advisable to distribute the money in different plays. The chances of winning will be much higher as well.
  • Evaluate carefully if it is profitable to buy extra balls to win a prize. You may have to invest the value of the prize, so in the end, the real profit is zero.
  • Anything taken to excess is bad. Control the time you have played and do not spend more than your economy allows you. The important thing about this game is that you have fun. Play with control.
  • If you feel like you’re going great, that is, you’re on a hot streak and you’re winning, keep playing, but if you’re piling up loss after loss, maybe it’s time to take a breather and stop. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Never forget that it is a matter of fun. Have fun!

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