Video Slots Etiquette

Although slots are pretty much a one player game with no physical opponents, believe it or not there are still some etiquette rules to be followed in casinos. Don’t assume at first glance, when in a casino that because no-one is currently playing on the machine that it’s free. Some players do spend a long time on slots just waiting for their big break.

But we are all human, toilet; cigarette and refreshment breaks are inevitable. The most common signal that a machine is in use, is hanging your coin or token cup on the slots handle. If playing on a touch screen machine, a garment such as jacket or scarf etc is usually left on the seat.

For smokers, casinos may now have implanted a ban inside so the above rules are followed. But for any other establishment allowing it, being courteous to players next to you is also an unspoken rule. Make sure to place your ashtray in a way it won’t constantly blow smoke in your slots neighbours face. If anything it will mean you won’t be interrupted by an angry player next to you. For more information you can visit

If you see that a video slot has been empty most the night and is certain the player has gone, you may decide to use it. However you could find they have left their returns voucher or coin cup behind. Don’t just take it, as the player may return for it and you will be caught out, plus it is wrong. Either places it on top of the slot machine, as this is the first place they may return to look for it. Or mention it to an attendant who is supervising in the casino.

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