Welcome Bonus

The moment you choose to register at a certain online casino, you can always enjoy a so called welcome bonus as a player. Such a bonus should ensure that you as a new player can become acquainted with the various options that the online casino has to offer, without being immediately obliged to take major risks. In principle, it can determine the interpretation that an online casino gives to its welcome bonus. This means that it is always worthwhile to first make a comparison between the welcome bonuses at different online casinos. Only in this way are you always assured of the most optimal benefits.

The welcome bonus is, as the name suggests, a bonus that is awarded to all players who choose to sign up at a certain online casino. The exact benefits this welcome bonus offers you strongly depend on the casino you have signed up with. In the majority of cases, there is certainly a so called deposit bonus. This is a bonus that provides you with an extra bonus amount depending on the deposit you first make yourself. Does a deposit bonus of 50 percent apply and do you deposit 100? Then you get another 50 euros in bonus money on top. Please note, there are always limits to the amounts that can be received through a deposit bonus.

However, the welcome bonus can consist of a lot more than just a deposit bonus. How about, for example, the fact that you can get a lot of free spins this way ? After all, online casinos often give their new members a certain number of free spins that they can then use on one or more slot machines. In the best case scenario, you can even receive a no deposit bonus. In this case, no deposit has to be made and in other words you will receive free money. Of course, this bonus money also has to be wagered a certain number of times before it can be paid out.

It may sound a bit strange at first sight, but not everyone is happy with the welcome bonus that is awarded by an online casino. This is especially the case when it comes to a deposit bonus. The reason behind this is not far to seek. After all, the moment you have already made a certain profit, you cannot have it paid out until all the wagering requirements have been met. Well, actually this is not quite correct. You can have the winnings paid out on the amount you deposited yourself, but then you will lose the bonus money that you have received, whether or not completely. Would you rather not accept the welcome bonus for this reason? Then that is usually no problem. After all, for every bonus offered by an online casino you have the option to refuse it if you wish.

Many people think that a welcome bonus is always paid out in one go. That is not correct. More and more online casinos therefore use a deposit bonus that consists of different parts and is paid out over a longer period. If that is the case, you can, for example, count on a 100 percent bonus on your first deposit. The same percentage can apply to your second deposit, while you can receive an additional 50 percent bonus money on your third and fourth payments. This is of course just an example, but it indicates that the welcome bonus can be perfectly spread over multiple deposits that you make yourself as a player. All in all, you can usually count on a very interesting financial advantage in this situation. As a player at an online casino you should always keep in mind that there are conditions attached to a bonus that you receive. We call this the so called play around conditions. This means that you can never just cash out bonus money immediately after receipt. This is also quite normal, because if this were possible, everyone would simply register at an online casino and then have the money paid out.

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