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Welcome to Online Slots, the most informative site dedicated to slots strategies. Here you will find many a tip to help you hit a jackpot. Browse our article base; sign up at our trusted sites! And make no mistake about that: all of our recommended sites are licensed and secure to begin with. We at Welcome to Online Slots are dedicated to helping all slots lovers capitalize on their knowledge. We will get you to speed regardless of your previous slots experience. Read our articles on slots types and tournaments to differentiate between opportunities.

But, first things first. Slots are one of the most popular casino games. Their roots stem back to XIX century San Francisco, where a mechanic named Charles Fey invented the machine called the Liberty Bell. It featured five symbols, as follows: Liberty Bell, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, and spades. It was indeed the first slot machine, and enabled Fey to open the first slots factory some years later. The Liberty Bell had three reels, and is the predecessor to what we call today classic slot machine.

Some fifty years later, the Liberty Bell became widely popular. Their aim – to entertain customers’ wives – was surpassed by the overall hype the slots created. Today, slots generate two thirds of the total revenues in online casinos. Admittedly, slot machines have undergone some modifications, resulting in various types we know today. The main difference between slots is in the number of reels, which may vary between three and nine. Classic slots have three reels and up to five money lines. Progressive slots have up to nine reels and a substantial number of money lines (numbers vary). As a result, classic slots are cheaper to play, but jackpots are also moderate. Progressive jackpots, on the other hand, accumulate over time. No partial payouts are possible, and in order to win big, you must play all the money lines.

Naturally, everyone wants to hit a Progressive Jackpot. But, interestingly enough, classic slots are more popular, chiefly because less outcomes portend higher winning odds. Classic slots have two diagonal and three horizontal combinations. If you wager the maximum amount, the jackpot might be considerable. Having more reels and money lines, progressive slots offer more combinations. The jackpot is more difficult to hit, but is substantially higher. They accumulate over time, so a simple calculation should tell you that the longer you wait, the higher the prize. Everything said applies to online slots, too. You may safely enjoy slots from the comfort of your home. If in doubt where to start, consider our recommended sites at casino sites. All of them are licensed and risk-free. Payouts are guaranteed. Wherever in the wide world you are, there will be a suitable payment solution to suit your needs. Sign up, collect bonuses, and win big!

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