Why women are Online Gamblers

News is coming out that women are a big part of the online gambling market. News that doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m also not surprised that the men who do these studies just don’t seem to get it. It’s not the first time I’ve seen men miss the whole concept that women are comfortable in an online environment. A few years back at a big conference on publishing, a speaker from one of the big publishing houses said eBooks would never catch one because housewives who read romance wouldn’t be comfortable with downloaded books. He was laughed off the stage by the romance publishing crowd. Okay, they didn’t actually laugh him off the stage. They tweeted him. To all the female romance readers who’d been reading eBooks for years and politely explained that Publisher was behind the times when it came to women and the web.

So, now Gambler is finding out that women like to gamble online. It’s not surprising. First off, if we play table games, we’re not stuck sitting at a table in a male oriented environment. We can play comfortably and at our own speed. Also, online casinos http://www.game-table.info/ actually may be safe for us, provided we do the research first to find a reputable online casino. And that’s easy enough with the help of sites. When we play online, we don’t have to watch our purse, worry about pickpockets or even worry about walking back and forth from the parking garage alone. For women, live casinos are more of a social event where we’d go with friends. Online casinos offer a more flexible daily play environment And online casinos also offer the games we love, particularly slots. Although in the UK, online bingo is probably a bigger draw for women. But regardless of the game, we have found that the online gambling environment suits us, and we’re not leaving.

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