Five Live Games You Can Win at Live Casino

The gambler at some point in his life will wonder, how can I win at the casino? Can anyone win by playing casino games? With a simple search, one will find dozens of gambling strategies and methods that promise to lead you to victory. But the truth is that when you play with a mathematical disadvantage, whatever you do, the chances of winning are minimal.

But what you can do is learn how to play with the best chances in your favor. Know the rules well and know how to avoid pitfalls. And most importantly, which games give you the best chance of winning, if you know how to play in them.

Believe it or not, there are live games that are more accessible to a well-trained and “read” player. Talking to many professional players from time to time, we have gathered the most valuable information about the player who wants to be a winner and we quote it to you, along with references to books that each deepen in their own field.

Below we will see five live games in which you can play, having a good chance of winning, while here you can play hundreds of live games for free!

These five live games are blackjack, dice, roulette, table games, but also live games . So we will see one by one these different live games and we will explain how they can bring victories. For more information, you can refer to the books we mention for each game. Note, however, that they can be easily understood, but it takes a long time to practice to reach the desired level. Some of the following tips can also be used at an online Live Casino.


Why choose to play blackjack? Because it is the first and most popular game where one can win a Live Casino. In order to achieve such a thing, however, one must first fully understand both the game and the options it has through it.

Card counting is a method that, if applied correctly, can transfer the advantage from the casino to the player. The idea for this method was first published in 1962 by a university professor, Edward Thorpe, and through his book “Beat the Dealer”. The logic is that if one counts which cards are dealt in each deck, then one can know if the cards that remain to be dealt give the player or the casino an advantage. When the advantage is in favor of the player, the bet must be large and correspondingly small when the advantage is in favor of the casino.

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